Outsourcing work to another company can take a huge load off you and your company’s back but — you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s a good decision. Well, we’re here to help you out! Keep reading if you want to hear about some common challenges that come from outsourcing your work and how to solve ‘em.

  1. Unclear Expectations
  2. This is a biggie! You might have expectations of how, when and what your outsourcing company should do to help you reach your goals and if you’re not on the same page, well, it can be bad. To deal with any expectation issues, clearly lay out your wants and needs, and ask your outsourcing company their plan to help you achieve them.


Try as much as possible to be on the same page before the work starts – this will help prevent any other bumps down the road. If it ain’t working with you then it ain’t working for you! It might take a couple weeks to adjust to each other and figure out the best way to chat about your expectations but taking this time to be open and honest about what’s working and what’s not is crucial a partnership lasting foreva eva.

  1. No predetermined process.
  2. Once you agree to work with an outsourcing company, they may not be ready to actually start the work. This can cause tension and we don’t want none of that! To avoid this, make sure you know the timeline and method of how they’ll complete the work, when you’ll be needed to approve content, and when and how you can contact anyone on their team.

You see, over here we like to be available as much as we can based on our clients’ needs, we take the initiative and plan into the future and anticipate what our client might need. 

  1. Culture is huge!
  2. If this is your company’s first time outsourcing, you might have an issue with different company cultures clashing. You may really value a specific culture with the companies you work with, we get it! To avoid this, make sure you take time to understand the people you’ll be working with, what their mission and vision statement is and ask anything else you need to know to feel 100% comfortable working with them. Have a few face-to-face meetings before and after you get going, especially if you’re hoping to have a long-term working relationship. This is the best way to see and hear exactly who you’ll be working with and get a sense of their personality.
  3. Here at WellCurated, we want our clients to thrive, know that we’re here for them, and that their success is our success! Find an agency that works with your company and can move at the speed you want and need.

We hope this helped you start sketching up a game plan for finding the perfect outsource company. If you have any questions, make sure you reach out to us! We’d love to help you and your business succeed.

Marketing and Account Manager