Have you heard of it? 

This formula helps to manage everything in my business. It helps me to figure out how to price my packages, how to plan my entire day, week and month. It helps to keep me from falling behind in any one particular area of my business. It helps to keep me sane and better yet, has helped me to keep my stress levels at bay. 

Ok here is the rundown of the formula and how it works: 

60% of my time is spent doing “the business” stuff. This is time spent with my clients doing their tasks, time spent on coaching and mentoring calls, time spent in meetings and serving my clients. This is the bread and butter of my business. 

20% of my time is spent planning for my business. I use this time to write blog posts, plan social media, updating my website, working on new products and freebies, sending out newsletters, writing out new business ideas and creating timelines to make them happen. 

10% of my time is doing admin work. The bookkeeping, printing and filing away invoices, meeting with my accountant, dealing with emails and all that other nitty-gritty stuff. 

The last 10% is spent adding value to my business. Writing thank you cards out, sending onboarding gifts to new clients, checking in with my clients and just doing my best to add extra value to my clients, team members and those around me. 

How can you apply this in your day? Well, if your workday is from 8-4 pm, you will want to spend 60% of your day doing your actual client work. 

8-4 is 8 hours, right? 60% of your 8 hour day is approx 4 hours and 45 min. 

20% of your 8 hour day is approx 1.5 hours

10% of your 8 hour day is about 45 min. 

Ok so my math isn’t down to the second but you get the idea. Divide your day up accordingly and you will be set up for success, you will get more done and no area of your business will fall behind. 

Want to maximize your time even more? 

  1. Use a timer, seriously! It seems excessive but it works miraculously. I use my iPhone to set timers to help me stay on track. When the timer goes off, I get up and do a quick stretch, maybe get a dance in or refill my water cup than get back to my desk to work and focus on the next area and priority for the day. 
  2. Close your office door. For all the working from home moms out there, you can relate. Your house is distracting, the dirty dishes are distracting, loads of laundry waiting for you are distracting, the tv and your fav hallmark movie is distracting. Shut your office door, put some quiet music on and get to work. I love listening to the Brain FM app! 
  3. Have your lunch prepared ahead of time. Just like you would at a 9-5 office job, make your lunch the night before or on a #mealprepSunday. 
  4. Close those tabs down. If you’re like me, your computer window looks a little like your brain, a million tabs open in a pathetic attempt to multi-task. Shut those tabs down and focus on the task at hand. 
  5. Turn your phone notifications off! This is obviously, just like having all those tabs open on your computer, notifications are equally distracting. Facebook, Instagram, and your mom can wait. 

Want to help plan your day out even more? Use the code PRODUCTIVITY to get my daily productivity planner for completely free! 

Love to all of you! 


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