Do you feel confident enough in the bewildering ways of Instagram to take on doing Instagram for a client? Do you feel like you know enough about Instagram to put together a grid that looks as flawless as the brand your client has put their heart and soul into creating?


Instagram is its own beast of a platform and chances are, your clients are probably fed up with the ever-changing algorithms that pretty consistently make us want to throw our phones against a wall (just us? lol). But it doesn’t have to be this way! Instagram is a social media platform the same as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and there are ways you can be utilizing it tot the best of your ability for your clients.


So how can you make Instagram work for your clients? Here are our top tips!


1 – Get Clear on Goals

The very very very first thing you’ll want to do is find out what your client expects from Instagram. What are they hoping to do with the platform? How do they want to see it being used? What kind of results are they looking for Starting with inquiring about what their expectations are of Instagram is a great place to start finding out how you make Instagram work for your clients. 


2 – Explain That Followers Don’t Equal Business

Perhaps the biggest and probably the hardest thing to explain to any business owner is that a large following doesn’t make you a successful business. A large following is just that– a following. They haven’t dedicated customers, super fans who will rave about your business to other people, or those who will come in and do all their holiday shopping with your biz. Trying to explain that to a business can be tough but try this vision for them: imagine having 100 followers on Instagram. Only 5 of them are customers. The other 95 are just followers who like your posts and maybe take part in your contests. Those 5 customers each spend $100 on your products or services. So, you’re only making $500 per month off your following. Now imagine you only have 10 followers, but all 10 of them are spending $100 per month on your products or services. That’s $1,000 per month! Do you see the difference? It’s much better to have fewer followers that actually care than many followers who don’t. 


3 – Strategize

Once you know their goals, and you’ve explained to them that followers don’t equal business, it’s time to strategize. When you’re starting to strategize, you need to keep in mind the hours you have available to put into their Instagram strategy. If they want contesting, engagement, responding to DM’s, community building, 2 posts a day and more, and you only have 10 hours a month to give to them, you need to be upfront and honest with them that 10 hours a month won’t get them what they want. Be realistic and come up with a doable strategy that works for the time you can put in and what their desired results are. Once you put together a strategy, share with them how you are going to use your strategy to make their goals a reality.


4 – Build That Grid

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and let us tell you, it’s true… or, in the case of social media, a picture is worth a hundred or a thousand or a hundred thousand likes. When we start working with clients, the first thing we do is focus time on building a grid that is cohesive to their brand and would attract their ideal client. More than just the photos, we consider the captions as part of this grid building process. Starting here can help your client build a consistent presence. From there, we add in engagement, contesting, community building and more if it’s something we have the means to do. 


4 – Keep Learning

Instagram is always changing. Just today I read an article about how the algorithm now takes into consideration how many times your posts are SAVED as a means for qualifying your posts as valuable content, which helps your content be seen. Just another thing for anyone trying to help a client out with Instagram to take into consideration. Lucky for you, we do the work. The Curated Grid will help you stay on top of new trends, tried and true basics of Instagram and more. We walk you through how to build a grid, how to use stories to your client’s advantage and basically anything and everything else that you could ever want to know about Instagram.


Offering Instagram management to a client can be totally worth it when you tap into the basics that every client will need. Even though Instagram is always changing, the bottom line remains consistent– Instagram is a profile that can extend your brand and help you connect with both potential clients and grow loyalty with your current clients. 


Right now, when you sign up for Propel To Digital Freedom you’ll receive our course The Curated Grid FOR FREE. And there’s no strings or hidden agenda… we just want YOU to be as fully prepared to help your clients as possible! 


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