So, here you are. You’ve been toying around with the idea of being a freelancer to either bring in some extra income for your family to increase that vacation fund to take the fam to Disney World, or you’ve decided to quit the 9-5 completely because it doesn’t jive with your lifestyle and you need a little more freedom and flexibility. No matter why you’ve decided to take on the freelance life, there are always a few key questions that come sneaking in after the initial excitement…


Can I do this?

Am I even qualified?

What services would I even offer?


If you ask us, the answers to the first two questions are yes and yes. The third one is where it’s time to do a little bit of work to determine what will be best for you to offer to clients so that you can help them make their lives easier.


To know which services to offer, you need to have a good understanding of what your skills are. What skills do you have (naturally, or learned through work experience or training) that will help you stand out and take your clients to the next level? Start with identifying your skills and your services will naturally follow.


Let’s determine what your skills are!

Below are a few questions to help you get the ball rolling into writing out your list of skills you bring to the table that others would find valuable. Keep in mind– A skill set is different than a service. A service is something you offer using your unique skill set. For example; if your skillset is organization, a service you can offer is travel planning.


Grab a notebook or open a blank Google doc and answer the following 5 questions!

1 – What do you know best? This could be a skill set you’ve used in a previous job or a passion of yours that you have a wealth of knowledge in.


2 – What are your greatest strengths? Be PROUD when making this list! List the things you may not want to say in front of other people. If you believe you’re amazing at client care or organization, write it down. If you know you are awesome at communicating, taking the big picture and putting into bite-sized tasks, or an awesome encourager, write it on the list! These strengths are what we will use to set up your list of your services.


3 – What training and education do you have? Think of professional schooling as well as additional courses or workshops you’ve taken.


4 – Make a list of the jobs you’ve had in the past 5 years. Under each job title heading, make a list of the skills required to do that job well that you have. It could be organization, customer service, problem-solving skills, being a quick learner, etc.


5 – What do other people come to you for insight for? If people are always asking you how your Instagram grid looks so good, or how you stay organized, or why you’re not stressed out, it’s because they notice these strengths and skills in you. Your answer might be, “I don’t know! I just do it!”. This is a natural skill you have that others admire and this skill is worth factoring in to what you offer as a VA!


Once you’ve answered these questions, notice if there are any key skills that stand out to you– do any overlap? Do you have abundant knowledge about event planning from a previous job and are friends always coming to you to ask for help planning their parties or events? Maybe your most recent job included some social media so they had you take a few trainings. All of these little overlaps are little ‘sweet spots’ being uncovered.


The overlaps are key because they can help you finish this next sentence…

“I am good at THIS, therefore I can offer _________”

Use this simple phrase and fill in “THIS” with one of the skills you have and the blank with anything you can think of that is a service you can offer.


When I was starting out I did this EXACT exercise and had answers like this:

  • I am good at making decisions and have leadership skills, therefore I can offer Project Management as a service and when my client is out of town, I can run her business for her.
  • I am great at communication, therefore I’m great at writing content for web and social as well as writing up contracts, responding to emails, sending newsletters, handling all inquiries coming in for sessions.
  • I am great time management, therefore I can help my clients organize their calendars, book in their sessions, make their travel plans and feel confident juggling several different tasks in a day.


Suddenly services begin to emerge and you begin to see how you will be able to offer a robust collection of services! Doesn’t it feel amazing to acknowledge how AMAZING you are? How skilled you are and to realize that you already have within you some skills that can help someone else? With a list of skills and services under your belt you’ll already feel more confident to take the plunge into starting your own freelance business.


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