We recently asked you an important question– what do you most want to know about Instagram? This question was met with all sorts of responses from how to grow your following (spoiler alert, we shared our big secret with you. Find out here) to when the best times are to post (we answered that one, too) and then the one that we heard many people cry out…”How do I make my Instagram grid look cohesive?” 


A cohesive Instagram grid is totally attainable when you put the following tips to use. Often a grid loses its cohesiveness when the content is random, the colours are off, and the messaging is all over the place. Bring your grid into cohesive, influencer status with our tips below.


TIP 1 – Get a branding shoot

If you’re just starting out, get a branding shoot done. If you don’t know what a branding shoot is, it’s basically you and a photographer capturing all the images you would need for a website and social media. A branding shoot is you in your element, doing what you do. A shoot like this requires planning– what is your main message on social media? What do you stand for? What do you want to showcase on your feed? Put the time into planning and when you receive all of your images from your photographer, you’ll have a variety of images that will look nice, consistent and will flow beautifully.


TIP 2 – Use a mobile pre-set

Using a mobile pre-set for Lightroom can make your images look super consistent. Take images on the go with your device, then edit them on Lightroom on your phone knowing all of your images will look on brand when they have the same filter applied. Please note, we are talking about pre-sets and filters by companies and photographers who know what they are doing and specializing in editing photos– not those super cheese IG filters. No sepia here…please.


TIP 3 – Plan your content

When you plan out what kind of content you want on your feed, your grid will look cohesive because you’ll be more likely to repeat the same categories of content over and over. For example; If you love taking flat lays, aim to have them on your feed often. If you like sharing images of yourself, do it often. If you love sharing inspiring quotes, share them regularly. Think of all the types of images you want on your feed then rotate between them for a consistent look. If you go to the WC feed, you’ll see that we do this! Notice when the quote tiles are and how far apart they are. Notice the alternating photos of Noella. We practice what we preach.


TIP 4 – Stick to a colour palette.

If you have a brand, you have a colour palette that your website and other materials tend to stick to. Try to stick to that colour palette for your feed as well. If your brand colours are soft pinks and neutrals, style your photos with those colours and wear those colours when you have photos done. Even if you take a quick snap of your home office, rejig your setup to include some brand colours so the image looks cohesive in your feed.

TIP 5 – Use a Scheduler.

Use a platform like Planoly to schedule your posts. When you use Planoly, you can upload your images to your account and rearrange them in a way that looks appealing. This will let you know right away if an image doesn’t look cohesive because it will stand out…in a bad way… when you look at your grid. Using a scheduler has been a life saver for cohesive grids and we are so grateful these tools are in existence.


5 Tips To Make Your Instagram Grid Look Cohesive


A cohesive Instagram grid can be yours if you take a little extra time to plan for what you are posting. The greatest Instagram accounts out there aren’t posting directly from capture photos on a whim to their Instagram account. They are editing, planning and strategizing with every post. Implement our tips and let us know how your grid changes! Better yet, take a screenshot now and a screenshot in a few weeks and send us a DM with your grids so we can see the impact our tips had on your grid!


If you want to learn more about creating an amazing Instagram grid, including how to put your brand in your feed, content creation and more, check out our course The Curated Grid launching July 15th.


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