There are so many reasons you should be blogging. That’s right, friends, blogging isn’t just for wannabe influencers and those who write a small screenplay before finally giving you the recipe for chocolate chip muffins that hide a full serving of vegetables in them your kids won’t even notice.

As a small business owner, you should be blogging. You might be thinking that you have nothing to blog about but we beg to differ! There are so many topics to blog about (head to Pinterest and you’ll see) and so many reasons to actually do it that will help your business. We are sharing our top 5 reasons you should be blogging.

1 – Improving your SEO

Blogging helps build search engine optimization! In a nutshell, when you blog and use keywords and tags, you help search engines find you. The longer someone stays on your website for, the higher your rankings will be. Let’s use this point as an example. We used tags like ‘virtual assistant’, ‘va society’, ‘blog’ + ‘seo’. If you found this post and are reading it, you’ll spend maybe 4 minutes here. The internet views this time as you are reading the content– which means our title and tags we used are correct and you’re viewing information that matches what we said the post was about. This will help our SEO and google rankings improve. So, you want to show up when people are looking up a VA? Blogging is one way to make that happen!

2 – Building a Community

When you blog, you’re able to ask people for insight, their thoughts, and their suggestions. As the one doing the blogging, hopefully, you’ll be revealing little bits and pieces of who you are with your audience. Even if the point of the blog post is about a professional topic, opening with information on yourself and how you find value in the topic is important and can build a community of individuals who are interested in you and your story. Engage with them and watch your community build into a group of VAs cheering each other on!

3 – Builds your Authority

When you blog about topics specific to your niche and give out information that is actually beneficial, you’ll build your credibility as an authority on the topics you are presenting. Becoming an authority will help you gain more business and other unique opportunities in the future like speaking at educational events, becoming a panelist at a convention or collaborative opportunities.

4 – To Show You Know your Stuff

When a potential client comes to learn more about you, they’ll be inclined to click around your entire website. If they stumble across your blog, you want to be sure they are clicking into blog posts on topics they are interested in that show you know exactly what you’re talking about and can help them, too. If you’re talking on your website about offering social media services, offering a blog post for people to read that showcases your tip 3 scheduling apps and why they work, that will show potential clients you will be a great help!

5 –  To Share your Personality with Potential Clients

When working with clients, they will enjoy knowing you personally. They’ll enjoy getting to know your interests, a bit about your family and will enjoy the personal touch of knowing they are working with someone who wants the best for their business. While your website content and portfolio are professional, your blog allows your personality to shine through making you relatable to potential clients. If your potential clients see that you love dogs, and they also love dogs, you instantly have a fun personal point of conversation!

These 5 reasons are pretty simple but showcase the basic importance of blogging. Like I mentioned before, topics can be endless and people want more substance than fluff so make sure you’re putting out quality content and you’ll see your blog take off!

Do you blog? What benefit have you found from blogging?