It seems like being a VA is the new “hot thing” to do these days. Just yesterday, as I was tapping through Instagram stories, an ad came up saying that you don’t need to be an expert in a bunch of areas to be a VA, you just need a natural inclination to tech and you can start your own freelance biz!

There’s something truth to that, you don’t need be an expert in EVERYTHING, but it takes grit, heart, probably some (read, lots) tears, and a whole lot of gumption to really become a freelancer.  And once you become a freelancer, you’ll need to find clients because if you’re a business owner with no clients, are you really a business owner? Yea, technically you are, but what was the point of starting your business if you’re going to rock your skills with some amazing clients?

So, you have your business.

And not just saying ‘I do social media’ to your friends, you’re actually all set up with a business number, packages, website, brand, newsletter and social feed. You’re active in the usual avenues of social media, newsletter marketing and driving people to your website (these are the basics!). You’ve had some clients but you feel like you’re at a bit of a standstill and you’re looking for some outside the box ways of finding some new clients.

Today we are sharing a few of our favourite, outside-the-box, ways of finding new clients that work beautifully in tandem with the things you’re probably already doing like engaging on social media, working that email list and offering amazing freebies to get more tracking to your website.


1 – Attend Networking Events

There are always some kind of events happening in your city that can connect you with others who can help your business grow. In Canada, there is an awesome company called “Babes who Brunch”. They host a monthly brunch at a cute restaurant with an educational speaker. All the lady-boss entrepreneurs and other biz-forward ladies in the area come out and it’s an awesome time to learn and network.


2 – Be social

From masterminds groups to leadership groups, there are Facebook groups out there for everyone. Be the authority on your niche, comment, engage and be a support systems for others. Your leadership and authority will shine through and attract business owners who are looking for help. Remember social media is all about being social!

3 – Beta test new services

Thinking of adding a new service to your offerings? Reach out to some of your ideal clients and offer to do this for free or at a discounted rate because you’re looking to see how helpful the service really is. If you execute well and the client finds it valuable then you probably just booked in another client who will see how valuable you are!


4 – Connect with other VA’s

Reach out to other VA’s to let them know you’re accepting clients and, if they are full up, you’d love to have them refer those they don’t have room for to you. We are constantly getting inquires for clients that we just can’t serve either because we are full or they don’t align up with our values or the services we offer. It is always nice to have a trusted colleague that we can send referrals off to.


5 – Connect with freelancers who have the same ideal client

Find people with similar ideal clients and set up a referral program with them to help each other out. This is a great way for your clients to work with professionals in areas you are still learning in.


So these are just 5 of the 25+ ways we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone of the known and get out into the wild and grow your business in Propel to Digital Freedom— our online course to launch and get going in your freelancer biz. We know these ways work, and you’ll see when going through the course that we know because WE DID IT! And we got so full we were putting clients onto a waitlist!


Take a look at Propel to Digital Freedom and let us know in the comments below any sneaky tips you have to grow your biz.