It’s that time of year where we like to treat our loved ones. Though Christmas is not about the gifts but more about spending quality time with your loved ones it is nice to give to those you care about the most.

Sometimes buying for the female creative has its challenges so we are going to share our top 5 gifts for the creative boss babe in your life.


1. Luxury Bath Product

Self-care is not always the top of priority for a busy female creative. We know how important it is to take some quality time for yourself. Why not give the gift of unwinding from a busy day in a luxury bath soak or bath bomb. We love to use Lend Me Some Sugar because they are made from high-quality ingredients that will leave your skin moisturized and body relaxed. A personal favorite is the Lavender and Eucyluptus bath soak or the lavender bath bomb.

Find their website here.

2. Plants

Who wouldn’t love some greenery in their home or office space? Research shows that having plants in your home or office reduces stress (excuse me while I go grab myself 20 plants!). Having plants also helps lower fatigue and increases productivity. So not only are you making their space more beautiful you are also adding some health benefits!

We love going to Verde, the biggest challenge there is not buying all the plants!

Find their website here.

3. Jewelry

We love Sugar Blossom Jewelry, her jewelry has quickly become a Winnipeg stable. She as the most beautiful stackable bracelets and her new line is sure to appeal to any fashionista. You can customize a necklace or bracelet to make it more personable, great for when one is out working and can look down and remember their loved ones and their “why” while they are busy hustling.

Find their website here.


We love fun and beautiful stationary! Stationary for your desk, office space or for those meetings on the go make for great gifts for the female creative in your life.  Something that is beautiful and functional is always a win! Worth While Paper is a great place to get those products. They have gorgeous notepads, journals, and planners.

Find their website here.

5. Spa

As a creative, it is hard to rest and enjoy some alone time but is so important not only for yourself but for your business! We love Thermea because you can truly relax because they do not allow cell phones on the grounds. Important to be able to unwind, unplug and recharge. Find a spa near you that does not allow cell phones.

Find their website here.


We hope these ideas give you the spark you need to start or finish your holiday shopping.

Happy holidays!