We all want life to be a little easier, right? We hire house cleaners, order take-out and share our calendars with friends and family for easy scheduling of our time. Making life easier often means we can spend more time doing what we love– spending time with those we care about, less time working and more time doing the things we always wished we had time for.

In business, it is no different. There are so many tools that can make our lives easier and can save us time and effort (and money!). Today we want to take a peek at a few tools that ALL VA’s should be using to best manage their time. Better time management at work means more time to play!

1 – Asana

A task management software, like Asana or Monday, is going to ensure you don’t miss any task that lands on your desk. Our personal favourite is Asana. With Asana, you can create Teams for your clients, add projects and organize tasks based on the specific categories you create. For example, say you have a client who runs a skincare company. On their specific project, you can create projects for their social media, newsletters, packaging and more. Under each of those projects, you can create boards to organize each individual task. This means you can start a running list of the tasks that need to be done with specific due dates and you can even assign them to different people! If your VA business is growing, or if you outsource a few tasks, you can have those people all involved in Asana to see their deadlines and have direct communication with each other. It’s simply the best.

2 – Dubsado

Dubsado is our choice of client management software. With Dubsado, all of our potential client leads, payments, contracts and questionnaires are housed in one safe place with triggered workflows so we can trust that the system is working while we stay hands off until it’s our time to jump in. If you’re looking for one major way to save time, this is it. We couldn’t rave more about Dubsado and definitely think you should find a client management software program that works for you!

3 – Toggl

Depending on how your client packages are set up, you may need to track your time for each client. We love Toggl for tracking our time for each client and project. From Toggl you can pull detailed descriptions for each client about how much time was spent on each specific task you were working on. You can categorize your tasks as well, which is helpful for seeing how long a project takes you. This is especially helpful when you are starting out and are figuring how much you can actually get done in a day.

These three basic tools, once set up, save you so much time and energy it’s a surprise when we hear of other VA’s that aren’t using these programs or those that are similar. What tools do you use that save you time? What are your favourite tools that make your job easier? Share below and let’s start a conversation where we share ideas! #communityovercompetition