While you’re embarking on your small business adventure, there may be tasks that take you a little longer to do than, let’s say, a specialist – or even some tasks that you would just have no idea where to start on. Rather than leave your client with something sub-par that you’ve thrown together with your limited experience, or struggle working on your own graphic design in a program that’s not meant for design, we’d like to leave you with 5 things we’ve found helpful to outsource. Not only is this great for showing the quality of work you put out, but it is less stressful on you, by not having to learn or perfect a new skill on a tight deadline. 

1. Blogging. Blogs take time and research and a lot of thought. Running your own business is typically fast paced, as you jump to and from different clients, hitting deadlines and such. It is hard to switch your brain onto a relaxed channel, where you can be fully creative and uninterrupted. I don’t know about you, but I need classical music, no distractions and an uninterrupted hour to be able to focus on a blog! 

I know a handful of business owners that don’t allow themselves to blog ( often guilty of this). They think it’s not ‘work’ related and just the fluff of the business. On the contrary, our little businesses are all about CONTENT! People want to hear the story behind the business and a product. They want tips and tricks from the companies they admire. Blogging and social media are how we get these messages out there.

2. Social Media. Again, Time. Consuming. Also, business owners are typically busy focusing on other tasks, rather than keeping up with the latest trends in social media and which platform is performing the best. We have a hard time telling our story sometimes, and maybe nervous to put our face out there. So let an expert take care of it for you. Social Media Managers are popping up all over the globe now because the social scene is an affordable [mostly free] way of advertising! People become experts at what works when it comes to Instagram grids and hashtags, Facebook advertising and more. 

All you need to do is hire a marketing agency to do this for you. They will come up with a plan with you, in terms of what parts of the business you want to highlight, then take care of the daily tedious work for you!

3. Newsletters. Much of what was said before regarding blogs and social media falls into this category as well. Your email list is GOLD. So you want to stay connected with the people who choose to hear from you. You’ll definitely want to stay consistent with sending these newsletters, and as we’ve said before, the days escape us sometimes with all the business tasks that need to be accomplished. Newsletters fall to the bottom of the list and possibly never make it out. Keep your fans ‘in the know’ with newsletters, and outsource it!

In many packages, the newsletters fall in with content creation (blogs, social) and once those two pieces have been created, they can easily be placed into your newsletter so that you can target your direct customers as well.

4. Graphic Design. No offense… but PLEASE don’t design your brochure in Microsoft Word. It just doesn’t look professional. The marketing pieces you put out directly reflects the quality of business you do. Your business cards, portfolios, brochures and website need to be designed by a professional. 

This professional will work with you to create a brand. What does this mean? They will ask you questions about the feel of your business, determine your target market and help you design a cohesive look that speaks to your exact customer, and also reflects you and what you’d like to put out into the world. You’ll look like you make the extra effort and that you can offer that same effort to your clients!

5. Admin tasks. Sometimes it feels like you’re running around like a crazy person for weeks on end, and you realize… have I been paid?? Did I book that venue I need for my workshop next week? I have 1000 unread emails! Hire a Virtual Assistant to do the day to day admin tasks so you can focus on growing or maintaining your business.

6. Product Photography. This goes along with graphic design. A high quality photo to showcase your products goes farther than you think! When people shop online, for instance, one of the top selling points of your product is for them to clearly see what you are selling! If you have a photo that is well lit and shows a few different angles, your buyers are going to feel more confident in the product they are choosing. Personally, I don’t consider products that only have one photo showing. I also won’t take a second look at that product if the photo is taken in poor lighting or low quality where I can’t see any details. Food for thought!

We hope this list of tasks to outsource helps you find more time in your work schedule to enjoy the things you REALLY like doing! 

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