There are some tools we just can’t live without. Does that sound a little dramatic? Perhaps, but we don’t care! Truth be told, we’ve come across some incredible programs and apps that have revolutionized how I work– which is great for me AND our clients!

Today I am going to share my top 6 tools I absolutely can’t live without. Without these programs at my fingertips, my company wouldn’t run as smoothly, the work for my clients wouldn’t come out as beautifully, and I wouldn’t be able to be as efficient as I are! As a growing company that is always doing everything we can for my clients to see them succeed, efficiency, executing with precision and an ease of use is good for everyone involved.


Asana is my GO TO program for task management. Before Asana, I would send out emails or call each member of our team to touch base and let them know of additional priorities or tasks that came up overnight (yes, it totally happens!). It was a lot of back and forth and it was a lot of work to keep everyone in the loop. ENTER, ASANA! Cue the confetti, Asana is a task management software accessible on both your computer and mobile device. We are able to create a team for each client, then organize their space into projects, and then individual tasks. You can assign tasks to team members, reassign if the task needs to change hands, set due dates, and everything is updated in real time– no refreshing of your screen to see the latest happenings! 


Have a blog post with a lot of images? Tired of trying to crop things on your own or find templates you have to open in photoshop to drag and drop images into? The answer is Blogstomp. Drop and drag all the images you have into Blogstomp, pick a template of how you want the images to flow, and done! Blogstomp does all the work! You can move images around, switch to a different template, and even upload directly to your blog. Blogstomp even has templates in the correct sized formats for Facebook, Twitter and more so you can make your images fit perfectly for the platforms you need.


Another game changer is Honeybook! Honeybook automates your workflows so you spend less time responding to individual emails and more time actually working. With Honeybook, you can set up workflows so as soon as a client fills in the contact form on your website, they receive an email saying thank you! As soon as a client signs a contract, questionnaires are being sent out! Honeybook tracks all the emails that are being sent, saves the answers to questionnaires so you can best help serve your clients, houses all of your invoicing and payment, and is also a wonderful address book. All your contact forms and communication can be done through Honeybook and the automation of the less personalized tasks is simply incredible. For 50% off your first year, click HERE!


We’ve tried a few Instagram scheduling apps but Planoly is the one for us! We love how easy it is to use and how easy it is for clients to use, too! All you do is upload the images you want to put on your feed, then drop and drag them into a beautiful grid. From there, you simply click on the image, write your caption, and schedule the post! If you have a Facebook page, you can set up Planoly to auto-post to your Instagram account for you, which is a huge time saver and means posts can go out on time–even if you’re in the middle of a meeting or taking the day off! We also love their hashtag group feature. In Planoly, you can create groups of hashtags that are saved and available to paste into any post! We use this feature for all of our clients and create hashtag groups based on the types of images they post consistently. If you’re interested in trying Planoly out click HERE! 

Screenshot of an Instagram grid in Planoly

Take a look at the Well Curated grid all scheduled in Planoly!



When you manage a team of amazing gals who all get the perk of working from home, and who all manage their own clients with different needs, keeping track of the hours they work for each client is a necessity. I’ve tried a few other programs but Toggl is my preferred program for time tracking. Available as a start-stop timer or as manual input, you can track what you are working on and add which client it is and how to categorize the task (for example, the time it takes to write this blog and get it published would go under Well Curated as a client and Blogging as the category). You can pull client reports for any time period and can download these reports for reference, too! It’s a simple system that is easy to use and works magnificently.


Siteground is a web hosting platform that never disappoints. Whenever a client of ours is looking to build a website, we love using Siteground to host and building on WordPress. Siteground has the best technical support we’ve found and their security is incredible. They perform regular security scans to be sure everything is a-okay, and they use the latest in speed technologies so your site is always quick. If you don’t use Siteground, you need to start. If you want to check out Siteground, click HERE and be amazing by their amazing customer service team and easy to use C-Panel. 

These are just six of many tools our team uses that make a big difference in each and every task we do! Each team member could make a list of their favourite tools that make their job in their specialized field smooth sailing!

If you use any of these tools, let us know which ones and why you love them as much as we do! Also, if you have any questions about the tools we use, don’t hesitate to ask! We love sharing and truly believe in community over competition.

**This article contains affiliate links**