How to Start Building a Brand that Connects with your Ideal Client

So here’s what I see time and time again, for many businesses ‘branding’ equals ‘logo’ and that’s it, or maybe a logo plus some froofy doofy extraneous stuff colours and whatnot, you know – who cares? Many decide that branding is minor and doesn’t really matter. So you buy a quick generic logo off Etsy and pat yourself on the back for getting your branding in order, right?

Well friends, we like to think of it a bit differently. And this perspective on branding is what helps keep us focused, it’s what makes our brand appear more fleshed out, MORE RICH, cohesive, and ultimately attractive to those who potentially want to work with us.

We like to give our brand a lot more credit than just being a logo. Rather we think of brand as the PERSONALITY of our business. It is the visual representation of WHO-WE-ARE-AND-WHAT-WE-CARE-ABOUT.

I know you might be thinking, ‘Oh great, another place I need to spend money I don’t have to do something that won’t help.’ Of course we’re biased. We’d love to see every business out there looking like a million bucks – cohesive, on point, singing the names of their potential followers like a siren and meeting them exactly where they are at.

However, if investing in professionals isn’t where you are at right now, there are still things you can do to start building a foundation for your brand before you bring in a designer or strategist.

For example, here is a fun exercise we like to use when working with clients to build their brands. We like to imagine that IF THEIR BRAND WERE A PERSON…who would they be?

We ask questions like, what are they wearing? What’s their favorite drink? How do they wear their hair? Even situational things like, if someone were to cut them off on the street – how would they react?

For example, for us, we imagine our brand as a fun and down-to-earth gal who prefers sneakers to heels and is not afraid to keep it casual. She knows her clients are fabulous femme’s on the go – none of us have time to primp our hair or perfect our makeup on your average work day.

She loves Kombucha and Mojitos, she could also chill with a beer in hand. If she were cut off on the street she’d be right cheesed and might possible yell out her frustrations – but she wouldn’t let it ruin her day.

She’ll let you know the best way to move forward without poo-poo’ing on your ideas. And yeah, she sometimes uses words like ‘poo-poo’ing’. She’s approachable and encouraging – and she’ll never fail to find some funny or encouraging quote to lighten to mood. She loves cool calming colours that remind her of sunsets, beaches, and her ultimate goal in life – freedom!

So why not start thinking about who your brand might be if they were a person? Contrary to your ideal client, when describing your brand as a person consider rather who your ideal client’s best friend, confidant or advisor would be – the person that helps them be a better version of themselves. Why? Because this should be the ultimate goal of your business, to be there to solve a problem (or problems!) in your client’s lives. Aim to hone your brand personality to reflect your client’s needs not just your own. Business often fall into the trap of being to inwardly focused and forget that their client’s happiness and success should be their main goal.

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