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Media Takeover

Marketing is everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email lists, blogging and more. Millions of people have discovered just how important online marketing is and how you can target your ideal clients. Not everyone has the time or the expertise to maintain their marketing efforts. But we do!

Well Curated + Co. offers Strategy Development, Content Creation, Ongoing Management, Consulting and Artistic Direction to help increase your engagement and visibility on social media.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Why Well Curated?

Have you had the chance to read “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook? Author, Gary Vaynerchuk explains that gone are the days where you can slap a 2 FOR 1 SALE on a poster, send out a radio ad, and watch the sales come in. Consumers require engagement and interaction with your business, and they need to know what story you are telling.

By now almost everyone has clued in that social media cannot be ignored. Even the old dogs are coming around. But few are doing it really well. It’s best done in a way that doesn’t interrupt a user’s flow through their media scrolls, rather it merges and delights! Almost as if they barely realize that a business posted that fascinating content. What they do notice is who you are, and that they like you. You are helping them live the life they aspire towards.

Well Curated + Co. can create this engaging content. It takes research and hard work, careful thought and curation. Time that budding, or seasoned entrepreneurs and companies rarely have in their pockets.

Let us help you wow, delight, connect with, and add to your ‘tribe’ — the followers that love what you do and fuel your passions.

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Marketing Packages

List Build

If you are just new to the newsletter and list building world than this package is for you. This package includes a Leadpage, opt in/freebie, welcome automation, custom designed newsletter template and one newsletter a month curated just for your ideal client


The StoryTeller

You love the idea of blogging but who really has time to do it? You know it’s great for a building trust with your readers and nurturing relationships, you know it’s great for SEO, you know you have stories to tell but can never find the time to actually do it! Don’t worry, we are here and we love blogging for our clients.


The Social Take Over

If social media is where most of your business comes from, The Social Take-Over is our most comprehensive package that will ensure your social media is always on point. From engagement and our trick to authentically grow your following, to creating Instagram stories and monthly styled flatlay and product photoshoots, you will be delivering your most aesthetically inclined message to social media that will resonate with your potential clients

Spread your wings and fly

We’ve got it all

“Let the grand adventure begin!”.

All packages include content creation with industry relevant posts, copywriting, scheduling and posting, and monthly reporting. We also offer social media setup, account audits, product photography and more.

Don’t see what you need? If you’re looking to match social media content with outgoing website content and newsletters, are looking to try out influencers to get your product a wider reach, or have a specific need you’d us to meet based on your industry, book a free consultation for a custom quote.


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