It’s true.
I dumped Dubsado.
I’d be overly polite and say it wasn’t them but it was.
I kissed them goodbye, thanked them for the good times and have found myself in the caring, helpful arms of a new love… Honeybook.

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant to switch over to Honeybook. All the ‘cool kids’ seemed to be making the switch and I was holding out. I was confident in the client management service I was using– it was working for me and doing its job. We’re always told ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I think it’s time to change that– even if something isn’t broken, it is still worth it to explore options in case there is something else better out there, waiting and ready for us.

Honeybook was ready and waiting and when I finally decided to look into it more, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t made the switch yet. Why was I holding out on something that would improve my life and provide me with some cool opportunities for community? I was sticking with my tried and true and now I’m here to say Honeybook has won me over.

Hello, Honeybook.

There are a few reasons I’ve been loving Honeybook and I’m going to share the top reasons with you so you can see if perhaps you are like how I was–missing out on something basically made to help me improve all of my workflows so I can spend more time doing what I love and less time sending emails back and forth, sending contracts and invoices and trying to pick up the pieces of dropped off communication.

Reason #1 my new love is Honeybook: Concierge Team

The Honeybook Concierge Team is AMAZING. Customer service is definitely their number one priority and it shows. When I met with them to talk about switching over they took the time to address ALL the questions I had, to be honest with me about Honeybook’s capabilities and even walked me through what my new platform would be like. They took the time to be sure I understood everything and I have a personal concierge I can connect with at any time to ask questions to. It’s more than just a little pop-up or a help email, it’s a real person who is there to assist me with anything I need.


Reason #2 my new love is Honeybook: Suggestions + Automation

If a platform can suggest tips and tricks to me, and then automates the suggestion to just follow through with the simple click of a button, I am ALL IN. I was on the platform and got a notification that someone I know joined Honeybook! The notification asked me if I wanted to send them a direct email to say welcome! Hello– that’s amazing. It’s kind of like the convenience of LinkedIn to send direct messages to people when big things are happening. A click of a button and you’re connecting with people who you know in a quick and effective way.


Reason #3 my new love is Honeybook: Workflows

This was actually my biggest deterrent from Honeybook before I took time to really dive deep into the platform and connect with someone to see if Honeybook could do what I needed it to do. As it turns out, it does it, and it’s amazing. From the contact form on my website, depending on what service people select from the dropdown menu, Honeybook triggers a topic-specific workflow based on the selection! This is basically everything I ever needed and wanted. Their workflows are easy to work through, adjust and automate.


Reason #4 my new love is Honeybook: Community

Honeybook is owned by the Rising Tide Society. I’ve been a part of the Rising Tide Society on Facebook for about as long as I can remember and I’ve always and forever loved their Community Over Competition mentality. The Rising Tide Society is all about building relationships with other creative entrepreneurs so you can help each other grow. Honeybook is bringing this same community feel to their platform. You can search for people in your area and even post classified-type ads on Honeybook to find people near you. They’ve brought networking and working into the same platform and friends, it’s good.


Reason #5 my new love is Honeybook: Clean and Clear and Under Control

The layout of Honeybook itself is clean and clear. It’s simple and easy to understand and use. Everything makes sense and it’s easy to follow. You could pop into Honeybook once to poke around and understand the platform, which is a huge plus!


I could keep going and continue to list all the great things I love about Honeybook but I won’t. I’ll let you see for yourself! Give Honeybook a try (at 50% off your first year), then let me know how you’re just like me– leaving your current client management service for the goodness of Honeybook.

If you’re thinking of switching to Honeybook, what is currently preventing you from making the leap?  You can try it for FREE with their free 7 day trial!