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We’re Noella + Aelea

Hey There! I’m Noella! I’m the boss and mama bear here at Well Curated Creative Agency. I started Well Curated as a Virtual Assistant and, in less than a year, expanded to a team of hard working and talented babes to create a thriving boutique agency with the most amazing international clients. After coming across her Instagram feed, I knew Aelea’s writing and styling would be the perfect addition to the team. Clients began requesting her by name for their social media ready flat lays which led us to create a course and teach in-person flat lay photo styling workshops to groups of eager to learn entrepreneurs! This course teaches everything you need to up your flat lay game and we know you’re going to love it!

Whatcha Waiting For?

Well Curated wants to help you flat lay like an Instagram Pro!

We are going to get you from just wondering how to step up your photo game on Instagram, to creating beautifully styled photos that match your brand, resonate with your followers, and create more business. They say, a photo is worth a thousand words, and we are going to make those the right words that accurately represent you and your business.
During this course, we will be giving you all the knowledge you need to create epic photos right where you are.

You don’t need a studio, expensive props or a top of the line camera; we are all about DIY styling that looks like you hired a professional.You will go through 6 modules of video content, demonstrating exactly what you need to do to create beautiful flat-lay photographs.
Grab your phone or camera and join us for this course full of inspiration, creativity, and styling play with hands-on adjustments and editing on the go from the Well Curated team.

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6 Videos + PDF’s

That’s right– this isn’t just a blog-post-turned-course that only contains images and text that you have to put together and figure out yourself. We are giving you videos that show you EXACTLY how we style three unique flat lays from start to finish! We also have videos demonstrating how to make the most of your window light, how we implement our key ‘rules of thumb’, and even showing you how to hand model! Each video also comes with a PDF so you can follow along to with the directives.

Lifetime Access

You will have access to this course FOR LIFE! No 30-days limited time access here! We want you to be able to review this content again and again so you can soak up all the knowledge we have to offer! You know how to pick up new things every time you watch a movie? That is how this course will feel and each time you review, you’ll learn something new that will continue to elevate your styling!

Facebook Group

Want to share an awesome photo you just styled, ask for tips, or gain some inspiration? Join our community where we will be active in answering any questions, offering tips, and sharing images from our recent styled shoots to show you just how great flat lay images really are and how they can elevate your Instagram feed, blog or website to a more professional and branded level.

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This course is our all-inclusive course that will instantly up your Instagram game and will have people actually commenting about how beautiful your images are! Our Flat Lay Photography course is designed to teach you 3 unique styles of flat lays that are accessible for you regardless of your current skill level and work wonderfully if you’re a product based business trying to tell the featured items in your image or a blogger who wants to showcase their latest haul or promote a blog post.


Photoshoot planning with a handy printable checklist for you to use again and again.
Manipulating light including using your window space to your advantage.
How to select the best backdrops and props to support your image.


ONLY $97.00