The Curated Grid Roadtrip Recap

We went, we conquered, we lived to tell the tale!

We recently arrived home from our whirlwind Curated Grid Road Trip and it was such a blast to head out West and take in a little adventure, making this truly a ‘work trip’.

Our Curated Grid workshop is our intensive Instagram workshop that teaches those who attend how to up their Instagram game. We teach on how to curate your grid, write engaging captions that speak to your ideal client, how to remain true to your brand in all areas of your marketing, how to take epic flat lays, how to use hashtags, geotags, influencers and so much more! Needless to say, this is a workshop that boggles your brain and makes you happy to take home a workbook to review over and over and over again!

Our plan was to teach our popular Curated Grid workshop in some fun places to new faces who can take this knowledge and implement it to the fullest to improve how they use Instagram for their business. With dates set in Tofino, Vancouver and Calgary, we loaded up and hit the open road (hello, 110km speed zones!)!

I absolutely love Tofino and have spent a lot of time there over the years with friends and family. I was beyond excited to show off this beach town to Kyla and Aelea during our stay with my good friend, Angela (who also happens to be the owner and magic maker of Tofino Soap Co.) We fuelled up on GORP bars and Wolseley Kombucha, walked along foggy beaches, ate all the seafood we could and the girls let me show them all the places that I love so much. Aside from teaching the Curated Grid workshop to yogi’s, restaurant, hotel and boutique owners, we also snuck in a few photo shoots for clients new and old (just ask us how much we LOVE Tofino Towel!).

Photos from one of the sessions we had in Uclulet for a branding/web client. 

We took an evening to explore (read; walk until we couldn’t possibly walk anymore) in Vancouver and stumbled into a night festival in North Van filled with vendors, food trucks and live music. I definitely realized I’m a country bumpkin now as I felt a little out of my element in Vancouver! We took an extra night to head back to Calgary for our workshop and stayed in Revelstoke where we went to the most Canadian restaurant you’ve ever seen with good food and great conversation. The running joke that I’m vulnerable with everyone continued to ring true over beer and cider.

The lighthouse in Ucluelet

When we hit Calgary I couldn’t wait to show the girls my old stomping grounds! I spent most of my 20’s living in Calgary and had memories to share! Aside from a family emergency that took me to Olds, it was great to see the changes in this city that just keeps growing! The workshop was held at the cutest shop, Out Of The Shape, that is filled with all the pretty curated things from candles to hand-hammered jewelry, artisan pottery, essential oils, skincare, prints and more. It was like walking into a Calgary version of all our favourite local shops here and made us feel right at home! The workshop flowed beautifully and more people were able to learn methods and strategies to take their Instagram to the next level– be it with curating their grid, learning who their ideal client is, or even using newsletters with their Instagram to really drive a point home.

Chubby Funsters in Revelstock

I am so grateful for the time spent in these places I loved and I was perhaps a little too excited to share them with Kyla and Aelea (who often weren’t as excited as I was– thanks, nostalgia!). To the sounds of those we met who said, ‘you need to come back again!’, I can’t wait for another adventure filled with mountains, adventure and helping people learn new skills to improve their business. That’s what it’s all about and I am always thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to share my passion with others.

Best Meal: Smoked Salmon Chowder at Sobo in Tofino.

Best Memory: Being back in Calgary– those smooth highways and red license plates get me everytime.

Top Recommendation of Place to Visit: You’ll definitely want to head to Tofino and stay at JBay! It’s the most beautiful Airbnb owned by my friend Pascale.  Caravan is my fav little shop owned by the most beautiful gal! I love all the effort she puts into curating a shop full of unique fun goods. 

Session from Tofino Towel

From Kyla:

Ok, so it wasn’t quite a vacation, but when your boss offers to drive you out to the gorgeous Canadian West Coast for work – how can you say no!? Chilling in coffee shops, hanging out with fantastic clients, eating oysters and chowder for dinner? Yes, please!

Best Meal:
-The cornbread at Sobo in Tofino. I could eat that stuff all day long and it was only $3 for a huge slice! It also came with a side of amazing maple butter.
Meet, a Vegan restaurant in Vancouver. My tummy was so happy after that meal. I am not even vegan but it was my favourite meal of the trip! It tasted great and I FELT great for eating it.

Low-Lights: I’m not a Christmas all year round kind of gal – I relegate the festive madness to one month only – December. Noella and Aelea do not, as I found out; it was Michael Buble and Mariah Carey ON. REPEAT.

Best Memory: Chubby Funsters in Revelstoke hands down! Parks and Rec fans, this was no “Paunch Burger” as the name may elude (though the logo was a surprisingly similar shirtless man with a belly for days). The food was great, the decor was classic Canadiana, the atmosphere was classy and relaxing and I couldn’t have asked for better company. The Well Curated crew bonded that night for sure.

Top Recommendation of Place to Visit: I would recommend visiting Vancouver Island. Tofino was great, Ucluelet was adorable, and everything I saw of the island was absolutely beautiful. I wish we had had more time to explore and hike around. If you do go, however, and you are anything like me with a well-developed fear of tsunamis, try to make friends who live at the top of a hill 😉

Branded session for the beautiful Body By Kara that we did

From Aelea:

Heading out west for a road trip at the end of August is possibly the most summery and Canadian thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never driven through the mountains, never been on the Ferry to get to Victoria Island, and had definitely never been in the Canadian rainforest! This trip was full of many firsts, many car ride naps and a lot of fun as we taught the Curated Grid to a variety of amazing women all looking to grow their skills to make the most of the platform so many people end up having a love-hate relationship with. Being able to teach to new people in new places was exciting– it’s always a little nerve-wracking to show up in a completely new space to find people who know who you are from good ol’ Instagram! Many of the people who attended the workshops have been following along with Well Curated for a while and felt a connection to us and the Well Curated brand. I am continually blown away at the opportunity to share my knowledge with people and I am always most excited for what happens AFTER the workshop– watching those who attended really internalize and implement what they learned and see the results! I am so grateful to Noella for this opportunity and am excited to see where we head next!

Best Meal: The Ceasar Salad and Poutine at Meet (a plant-based restaurant in Vancouver!)

Best Memory: Learning about soap and candles with Angela from Tofino Soap Company. Oh, and Noella crying all the time because she was being vulnerable. It was great!

Top Recommendation of Place to Visit: Definitely check out the shops Gypsy Drifter in Ucluelet and Outside The Shape in Calgary, and check out La Baguette in Revelstoke (I for sure bought a baguette to eat and a vegan hot chocolate… life was pretty good!)



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