Summer is right around the corner and the WC team is pretty excited about it! Ashley loves spending time outside on her back porch or at the lake back home in Nester Falls, Noella loves going camping and gardening, Kyla enjoys playing sports outside and Aelea enjoys going for walks for vegan ice cream and hanging out with her cat in their backyard. Since we all enjoy summer, we are sharing our list of Summer Must-Haves!


Our list of Summer Must-Haves is chalked full of all of our favourite things for summer that we know you’ll love, too! From trendy items we can’t get enough of to super practical items that will make your summer better, let’s take a look at our list!



Scrunchies are so hot in Manitoba right now! And they are perfect for the hot weather! Noella, in particular, loves the scrunchies from Loose Threads Co because they actually hold up ALL of her hair.


French Net Bags

Shopping at farmers markets is something the entire WC team enjoys and taking along your own shopping bag is the best way to do it! We love the classic, super trendy French Net bag these days. Noella purchased one from Field Day Goods and it goes with the WC team everywhere we go!.


Wide Legged Pants

Move over, yoga pants! Our fave for this summer is the big, flowy, wide-legged pants that are the perfect mix between a skirt and pants. They are flowy, comfortable and easy to take from day to night. We were recently at Polar + Birch in Kenora and Noella snagged a pair we can guarantee she will be living in all summer long.


That Stuff For Pain

A product that Aelea’s brother makes, That Stuff For Pain is an all-natural pain relief spray that is great for relieving the itch from insect bites and gives a nice cooling sensation. Aelea didn’t even vote for this on the list– all of the WC staff actually just love it!


Anupaya Growlers

A Winnipeg summer is a HOT summer. Hydration is key and while we love flavoured water and kombucha, there’s nothing like classic water for beating the summer heat. We love Anupaya Growlers because we love Anupaya! For every product sold, Anupaya will commit to removing 1 pound of waste from our parks, beaches and green spaces.


The latest BSB Album

Clearly a suggestion from Aelea on this one! Everyone needs a soundtrack for summer! Ashley and Aelea’s favourite song from the album is also the perfect summer song. Listen to ‘Ok’ and you’ll be blasting it all summer long.


Zero Waste Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be bad for the planet. An all-natural and zero-waste sunscreen is much needed to keep your skin safe from the sun. We picked some up from Portia-Ella in Winnipeg!


We hope this list of summer must-haves inspires you as you prepare for a fun summer in the sun, hanging out with friends, and soaking it every moment of this beautiful, yet seemingly too short, season. What are your summer must-haves? We would love to hear what your summer necessities are!