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Client Care Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION – As a Client Care Manager at Well Curated Creative Agency, you are responsible for managing your assigned clients; ensuring constant communication, clear marketing plans and steps, strategy meetings, execution of all tasks and maintaining an outstanding working relationship between the client and Well Curated. You are a representation of Well Curated and your Clients will work with you— you must represent the Well Curated brand in all you do.
RESPONSIBILITIES – Responsibilities as a client care manager include the following. Please note this is a general guideline and client needs may vary on each client and their unique reasons for hiring Well Curated.
– Host Intake meetings with each client for introductions and to gain a wide understanding of the client, their business and their needs.
– Manage client expectations.
– Create, develop and execute strategic marketing plans. You must work with the client to understand their vision and goals, pair it with research and your expertise, and develop a marketing plan that considers all aspects. You must execute the marketing plan to the best of your ability, including assigning off tasks to the appropriate staff member with appropriate timelines (i.e., graphic design project assigned to a graphic designer with a minimum 7-day timeline)
– Provide solutions to client concerns.
– Stay connected through weekly emails to clients to let them know the status on current projects.
– Work with members of the Well Curated Creative Agency team to ensure each client is receiving the most comprehensive care.
– Partnering with the other members of the Well Curated Creative Agency team to manage tasks during holiday time and other periods of time off.
– Time tracking each day down to the second for correct time tracking for client packages. Each moment you are working for must be accounted for in Toggl. *Well Curated reserves the right to pull your house at any time to ensure your contract for time is being met.
– Research. Take the initiative to learn programs and research methods that will benefit your client and your work process.
– Have a basic understanding of Google Drive, Toggl, Asana, Word, Mailchimp, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace. If you do not have knowledge in these areas, you must work to gain the knowledge required for your clients.
– Clear communication is required for all interactions internally and with clients. Consider the information you are giving and what you are asking for and ensure all the information is there. This helps with timelines.
– Ask for help when needed. Well Curated Creative Agency is a team. We are here to support each other and help each other grow into the best version of themselves as possible. If you are struggling, ask for help. If you don’t know how to do something, research then if you can’t figure it out, ask for assistance.
– You must adhere to all standards set out in the Well Curated Creative Agency handbook. No exceptions.
-Be part of a super fun team of like-minded co-workers, focused on fantastic client care.
-Continuous learning and professional development so you can be at the top of your game
-Work from home
-A company culture dedicated to employee happiness and retention
Send us an email with your resume and a cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself ( cause it’s not all about experience).