ARE YOU READY TO level up your

Yes, we want you to have a fully branded and flawless Instagram feed that makes your ideal client wonder how they went so long without you when they come to your Instagram profile.

Yes, we want you to understand the features of Instagram so you can make the best decision on how to use the platform for your business. And Yes, we want you to actually enjoy using Instagram!

Instagram is a social media platform, which means being social is going to help you be seen. Building a community that revolves around your brand and offerings is one of the best ways to grow your feed but… how do you do that? The Curated Grid takes you from looking at your ideal client to building your brand, setting up your profile with the perfect, well thought out bio, curating a grid and even honing in on your brand voice. We provide an easy way to build a hashtag strategy, plan your content for the entire month in half a day and go over why having a strategy is the best tool to beating the silly IG algorithims.


  • Determining your Ideal Client + Niche and WHY this is important

  • Brand voice + personality and how to translate this into your Instagram strategy

  • Setting up the perfect profile + bio (we have a formula for this too)

  • Defining your goals and creating content with intention

  • What is influencer marketing, the benefits and how to get started with it as a small business owner

  • Figuring out the best time and the best days to post so that your ideal client sees your content

  • The different types of content and how to use each

  • The caption formula

  • How to build a #hashtag strategy

  • Curating a grid that speaks directly to your ideal client

  • How to build a community of raving fans

  • DM’s, Stories, IG TV Oh my!

  • How to use your Insights and Analytics to tell you what is working and what isn’t

  • The do’s and dont’s of scheduling your content and knowing which images should go next to others

Worksheets + Videos

We get it… everyone learns differently which is why The Curated Grid is filled with a variety of different types of content. We have worksheets, audio clips, videos, text and printable PDF’s! However you learn best, we got you covered and if you still have questions, we got a support group for that too! 

Lifetime Access

You will have access to this course FOR LIFE! No 30-days limited time access here! We want you to be able to review this content again and again so you can soak up all the knowledge we have to offer! You know how to pick up new things every time you watch a movie? That is how this course will feel and each time you review, you’ll learn something new that will continue to elevate your Instagram presence and feed.


We’re here to help! We’ll answer your questions, offer insight and guidance and, most of all, just be there for you to cheer you on! We are available to support you through course, AND you’ll be given access to our private Facebook Group where you can chat with other people taking the Curated Grid! Being active in the group means you can support other creative entrepreneurs who are also learning and you can bounce ideas off of them. Our team will be in the Facebook group talking the course, strategy and answering any questions you have.


We have bonuses too! For this launch only, we are giving away our Flat Lay Like a Pro course for all students that register for The Curated Grid. This course teaches small businesses how to take beautiful flat lay images with their phone! We go over everything from backdrops, light and three different templates for taking the perfect flat lay. Not only that, but The Curated Grid also comes with a bonus tutorial that teaches you how to created branded Instagram Story Highlight Icons! We are just so thankful for you and want to make sure you know it! 


Noella has been indispensable to me and my business from the start! Her amazing creative ideas and attention to detail have helped create a business and brand I am extremely proud of and which wouldn’t have happened without her.

No task is too small or too big and she always delivers on time. She is a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her services enough, you won’t be disappointed.

Carry on Wandering

I’m so glad I found Noella and the WellCurated team. It was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Social media was just another thing I had my to-do list that I would skip over, even though I know it’s important. The WellCurated team doesn’t just put out content, they care about your business enough to really think about your needs and what you want to get out of social media to plan what goes out. They make sure everything is taken care of and they are organized to get things done.

Jasmine Pickens

Noella has helped me accomplish far more than I could on my own. As a busy professional who is starting a new business, I try to accomplish as much as I can in a short amount of time.

Noella takes on many of the tasks that I could not get to or do on my own and brings my vision to life. She is lovely and incredibly knowledgeable. She has streamlined my process and helped me achieve great results.

Tofino Soap Co.

I can’t thank Noella and her talented team enough for helping me grow my photography and coaching business over the past couple of years.

I adore having these talented women in my life to support my business on a day to day basis, take care of creative decisions that are inline with my vision and to look after contact with my clients with love and care. Having Noella on my team has meant that I can get on with growing my business, focus on being more creative and have more joy.

Carla Coulson

Noella, without you and your team-my dreams wouldn’t have become tangible! You genuinely put your heart into everything you’ve done for my brand over the years.

From brilliantly creating visual content and graphics that capture my vision to the empowerment and support you give to all us women following our dreams, thank you!

Conscious Creates

I’m so happy I found Noella and her crew when I did. We’ve been able to work together so closely that they can anticipate my needs and more often than not they are telling ME what to do to make my business more successful.

We work as a team now, all with the same goal in mind. It’s incredible to work with a group of people all cheering you on and working hard to see you succeed. I know that the entire crew at Well Curated cares for my business like it is their own and that makes all the difference.

Twyla Jones



As soon as you enroll in the course, you will receive all of the content immediately. This course requires dedication and hard work so roll up your sleeves and brew the coffee.


You will be 100% supported through a private Facebook group as well as a dedicated staff member on hand to answer any questions.


Once you have completed the course, let us know by tagging the #curatedgrid on Instagram and we would love to feature you on our feed!



This course is all of our knowledge, research and strategy in ONE place for you to really get a handle and succeed at Instagram! The Curated Grid is designed with YOU in mind, to walk you through the basics of how to set up your Instagram, all the way to curating a feed to using Influencers and IG Stories to your advantage.

If you want to truly understand Instagram and not just contribute to the noise, this course is for you! The course only launches 4 times a year and is now available for the next 10 days only  for the price of $247 USD.