The New WellCurated

Well this post has been coming for a long time now. I have sat on it for a while, debated erasing it all together, had second thoughts but in the end, I decided that it is time... WellCurated will no longer be open for client work.... there I said it. WC started as a company providing online virtual assistance for creative entrepreneurs. It was just me, working away in my basement for the longest time but it grew very quickly [...]

The Curated Grid Roadtrip Recap

We went, we conquered, we lived to tell the tale! We recently arrived home from our whirlwind Curated Grid Road Trip and it was such a blast to head out West and take in a little adventure, making this truly a ‘work trip’. Our Curated Grid workshop is our intensive Instagram workshop that teaches those who attend how to up their Instagram game. We teach on how to curate your grid, write engaging captions that speak to your ideal client, [...]

If your brand were a person…who might they be?

How to Start Building a Brand that Connects with your Ideal Client So here’s what I see time and time again, for many businesses ‘branding’ equals ‘logo’ and that’s it, or maybe a logo plus some froofy doofy extraneous stuff colours and whatnot, you know – who cares? Many decide that branding is minor and doesn’t really matter. So you buy a quick generic logo off Etsy and pat yourself on the back for getting your branding in order, [...]

Meg Does Pottery

Hello lovelies, We are so excited to bring to you, the first in our Inspiring Femme series. We had the chance to chat with Meg from Meg Does Pottery a few times and we absolutely adore her and her artwork.  Meg is seriously true to herself and that is something we admire big time.  Her style, her big smile, her unique work- just everything about her screams creativity and makes you want to pull up a mug and hang all [...]