GORP has redefined the energy bar market by providing bars that are high protein and actually good for you! With their extra mile ingredient sourcing ensuring their bars contain nothing fake, these delicious bars are a go-to for anyone from extreme athletes to the average person trying to eat a healthy snack on the go! Packed with whole ingredients, plant-based protein from sprouted brown rice, hemp and nuts (which won’t cause bloat!) and made in Canada, GORP is meeting a [...]

Tofino Soap Company

After living a very stressful lifestyle in her role as a paramedic, Angela found the need to make a change, and in doing that, she returned to her roots in healing and energy work, and that led to the founding of "Tofino Soap Company," a business that is sustainable at all levels, and where creativity, love, and community are the focus. Angela believes in a higher power, and that everyone has their own special calling, a path in their lives [...]

How Being a Mom is Like Being a CEO

(If you happen to be both, you better pay extra special attention.) Written by our amazing client, Dr. Erin Wiebe, ND In case you don’t know what a CEO is, it stands for Chief Executive Officer. According to Webster, “they oversee the entire operation of a company or organization”. If we swap out some words in this definition, then it begins to sound like the definition of a mother -- a mother is defined as someone who oversees the entire [...]

Smak Dab Mustard

Smak Dab mustard is one of the tastiest staples in kitchens across Manitoba. When I first met Carly at a Christmas Market, she was so full of energy-- you could tell she was proud of her products and genuinely excited to meet and greet the faces of potential customers as they came up to her booth to try her unique and delicious mustards. Offering samples and fun conversation, I excitedly purchased my first jar of Smak Dab mustard. Now, my [...]

The Importance of a Beautiful Social Media Grid as a Creative

As a creative, it can be easy to end up bogged down by the nitty-gritty business side of things. Registering your business name, crunching numbers for workshops, getting that SEO optimization working for you, linking accounts, and the list of non-creative details goes on and on and…In the midst of all the details, the addition of posting on social media can be just another task to check off your list-- or bump to tomorrow’s to-do list. Let’s be real-- when [...]

If your brand were a person…who might they be?

How to Start Building a Brand that Connects with your Ideal Client So here’s what I see time and time again, for many businesses ‘branding’ equals ‘logo’ and that’s it, or maybe a logo plus some froofy doofy extraneous stuff colours and whatnot, you know – who cares? Many decide that branding is minor and doesn’t really matter. So you buy a quick generic logo off Etsy and pat yourself on the back for getting your branding in order, [...]

Sugar Blossom Jewelry

Sugar Blossom Jewelry just may be one of the most successful Winnipeg jewelry brands to date. Kelli’s beautifully designed stackable bracelets are signature staples on the wrists of Winnipeg’s most influential fashionistas, momma bears, and everyday gals. We had the chance to chat with Kelli from Sugar Blossom about her start in the fashion industry, where her inspiration comes from as an entrepreneur, and what her plans for the future are. Take read below to see how Kelli cultivates work-life [...]

Meg Does Pottery

Hello lovelies, We are so excited to bring to you, the first in our Inspiring Femme series. We had the chance to chat with Meg from Meg Does Pottery a few times and we absolutely adore her and her artwork.  Meg is seriously true to herself and that is something we admire big time.  Her style, her big smile, her unique work- just everything about her screams creativity and makes you want to pull up a mug and hang all [...]

5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Hello lovelies, Noella here..as an entrepreneur, life can get overwhelming pretty fast... as I'm sure you have figured out by now. Projects pile up, crucial staff members call in sick, clients impose unreasonable deadlines…and that is just on the work end! Somehow you also need to find time to do a grocery run, take the dog to the groomers, shuttle the kids to soccer practice and art class, all while dealing with being sleep deprived, of course. It is common [...]