The New WellCurated

Well this post has been coming for a long time now. I have sat on it for a while, debated erasing it all together, had second thoughts but in the end, I decided that it is time... WellCurated will no longer be open for client work.... there I said it. WC started as a company providing online virtual assistance for creative entrepreneurs. It was just me, working away in my basement for the longest time but it grew very quickly [...]

Gift Guide For The Female Creative

It's that time of year where we like to treat our loved ones. Though Christmas is not about the gifts but more about spending quality time with your loved ones it is nice to give to those you care about the most. Sometimes buying for the female creative has its challenges so we are going to share our top 5 gifts for the creative boss babe in your life.   1. Luxury Bath Product Self-care is not always the top [...]

The Curated Grid Roadtrip Recap

We went, we conquered, we lived to tell the tale! We recently arrived home from our whirlwind Curated Grid Road Trip and it was such a blast to head out West and take in a little adventure, making this truly a ‘work trip’. Our Curated Grid workshop is our intensive Instagram workshop that teaches those who attend how to up their Instagram game. We teach on how to curate your grid, write engaging captions that speak to your ideal client, [...]

Five Things to Outsource

While you're embarking on your small business adventure, there may be tasks that take you a little longer to do than, let's say, a specialist - or even some tasks that you would just have no idea where to start on. Rather than leave your client with something sub-par that you've thrown together with your limited experience, or struggle working on your own graphic design in a program that's not meant for design, we'd like to leave you with 5 [...]

6 Tools We Can’t Live Without

There are some tools we just can’t live without here at Well Curated. Does that sound a little dramatic? Perhaps, but we don’t care! Truth be told, we’ve come across some incredible programs and apps that have revolutionized how we work-- which is great for us AND our clients! Today we are going to share our top 6 tools we absolutely can’t live without. Without these programs at our fingertips, our company wouldn’t run as smoothly, the work for our [...]

Sweet Spirit Apothecary

When you’re in the presence of Demetra of Sweet Spirit Apothecary, you can feel a sense of calm and wonder. She has a magical spirit about her and she uses this spirit to create her potions and pendants. Not only does Demetra sell her nature-infused, all natural creations at markets and online, she is also a talented songstress whose voice transports you into a dreamy state perfect for a juicy yoga practice or evening meditation. This multi-talented and humble woman [...]

RECAP Flat Lay Photo Styling Workshop

When our fearless leader, Noella, had the idea to host a Flat Lay Photo Styling Workshop, we had no idea how popular it was going to be! We announced the date, and with inquiries and signups flooding in, we knew we were onto something special. With loving attention put into each detail, including hand-picking the vendors for our gorgeous swag-bags, to a beautifully designed workbook the attendees could make notes in and take home, we held nothing back to make [...]

Heather Page

Heather Page is one of Winnipeg’s most sought-after floral designers. With an Instagram following of 92.4k (and counting), where followers see only flowers and never her face, Heather has found a way to connect with her audience in a beautiful way-- showcasing the gorgeous designs she creates. Her styling is inspired-- showcasing the beautiful intricacies of the flowers she works with, in a way that looks effortlessly timeless. Heather is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met.  When [...]

Time Saving Tools For Creatives

Creatives are busy people. Whether your passion is your side hustle or your full-time endeavor, there are always ways to streamline your process so you can spend more time doing what you love instead of sending invoices, checking emails constantly, or worrying about all the work you have to do and hoping you didn’t throw out that little sticky-note which contains the next days crucial tasks.   Below are our favourite time saving tools for creatives. All of these programs [...]

Why we love supporting #local and you should too!

It’s no surprise that myself and all of us gals here at WellCurated Creative Agency love supporting local. One look to our Instagram feed and you’ll see endless flat lay images featuring some of our favourite makers, products we trust in that are made in the same communities we live in, and an overwhelming sense of community seeing makers succeed after attending one of our curated workshops. The benefits of shopping local go beyond the trendy buzz words and hashtags [...]