Rise + Connect

Join us for an evening of inspired connection with creative entrepreneurs as we eat, drink, share our stories and raise funds for the Love for Lewiston Foundation. On June 7th come out to Red River College 160 Princess Street in the exchange to network with a variety of industries, shop our unique pop-up shop, and hear from a variety of inspiring and incredible individuals who have overcome challenges to become a positive influence in their area of expertise. Proceeds from [...]

RECAP Flat Lay Photo Styling Workshop

When our fearless leader, Noella, had the idea to host a Flat Lay Photo Styling Workshop, we had no idea how popular it was going to be! We announced the date, and with inquiries and signups flooding in, we knew we were onto something special. With loving attention put into each detail, including hand-picking the vendors for our gorgeous swag-bags, to a beautifully designed workbook the attendees could make notes in and take home, we held nothing back to make [...]

Heather Page

Heather Page is one of Winnipeg’s most sought-after floral designers. With an Instagram following of 92.4k (and counting), where followers see only flowers and never her face, Heather has found a way to connect with her audience in a beautiful way-- showcasing the gorgeous designs she creates. Her styling is inspired-- showcasing the beautiful intricacies of the flowers she works with, in a way that looks effortlessly timeless. Heather is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met.  When [...]

Time Saving Tools For Creatives

Creatives are busy people. Whether your passion is your side hustle or your full-time endeavor, there are always ways to streamline your process so you can spend more time doing what you love instead of sending invoices, checking emails constantly, or worrying about all the work you have to do and hoping you didn’t throw out that little sticky-note which contains the next days crucial tasks.   Below are our favourite time saving tools for creatives. All of these programs [...]

Why we love supporting #local and you should too!

It’s no surprise that myself and all of us gals here at WellCurated Creative Agency love supporting local. One look to our Instagram feed and you’ll see endless flat lay images featuring some of our favourite makers, products we trust in that are made in the same communities we live in, and an overwhelming sense of community seeing makers succeed after attending one of our curated workshops. The benefits of shopping local go beyond the trendy buzz words and hashtags [...]


GORP has redefined the energy bar market by providing bars that are high protein and actually good for you! With their extra mile ingredient sourcing ensuring their bars contain nothing fake, these delicious bars are a go-to for anyone from extreme athletes to the average person trying to eat a healthy snack on the go! Packed with whole ingredients, plant-based protein from sprouted brown rice, hemp and nuts (which won’t cause bloat!) and made in Canada, GORP is meeting a [...]

Tofino Soap Company

After living a very stressful lifestyle in her role as a paramedic, Angela found the need to make a change, and in doing that, she returned to her roots in healing and energy work, and that led to the founding of "Tofino Soap Company," a business that is sustainable at all levels, and where creativity, love, and community are the focus. Angela believes in a higher power, and that everyone has their own special calling, a path in their lives [...]

How Being a Mom is Like Being a CEO

(If you happen to be both, you better pay extra special attention.) Written by our amazing client, Dr. Erin Wiebe, ND In case you don’t know what a CEO is, it stands for Chief Executive Officer. According to Webster, “they oversee the entire operation of a company or organization”. If we swap out some words in this definition, then it begins to sound like the definition of a mother -- a mother is defined as someone who oversees the entire [...]

Smak Dab Mustard

Smak Dab mustard is one of the tastiest staples in kitchens across Manitoba. When I first met Carly at a Christmas Market, she was so full of energy-- you could tell she was proud of her products and genuinely excited to meet and greet the faces of potential customers as they came up to her booth to try her unique and delicious mustards. Offering samples and fun conversation, I excitedly purchased my first jar of Smak Dab mustard. Now, my [...]

The Importance of a Beautiful Social Media Grid as a Creative

As a creative, it can be easy to end up bogged down by the nitty-gritty business side of things. Registering your business name, crunching numbers for workshops, getting that SEO optimization working for you, linking accounts, and the list of non-creative details goes on and on and…In the midst of all the details, the addition of posting on social media can be just another task to check off your list-- or bump to tomorrow’s to-do list. Let’s be real-- when [...]

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