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5 Reaons You Should Be Blogging

There are so many reasons you should be blogging. That’s right, friends, blogging isn’t just for wannabe influencers and those who write a small screenplay before finally giving you the recipe for chocolate chip muffins that hide a full serving of vegetables in them your kids won’t even notice.   As a virtual assistant, you should be blogging. You might be thinking that you have nothing to blog about but we beg to differ! There are so many topics to [...]

5 Reasons NOW Is The Time To Start Freelancing

So, here we are. Chances are if you are reading this, it means you’ve been tossing around the idea of becoming a freelancer. Maybe you’re in the beginning stages of dreaming about having a cool career that lets you travel and hold flexible hours or maybe you have a note in your phone with a list of services you could offer, a business name and a marketing strategy. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between, wondering if stepping into the world of [...]

Why It’s Important To Ask Your Clients For Feedback

I see you. You’re a VA who is working with clients but you’re wondering why your client is changing things you’ve already done. Maybe you’re wondering why you’ve lost a few clients lately. Or maybe you’re wondering why word of mouth across your circles isn’t turning into new client opportunities. You’re working it… but it doesn’t seem to be working FOR you. You’re probably wondering ‘what is going on!?’ While we can’t guarantee this is the answer, it’s a great [...]

10 Secrets to Stress Free Work Week

If you're running your own business, or working for a small company, you know what it's like to have SO much to do, and SO little time to do it all. Tasks keep piling, and you keep grinding away, and sometimes nothing on your original to do list gets done. And sometimes, in the middle of one of those hectic days, you stop what you're doing, sit and stare at your computer screen or your notepad and do nothing at [...]

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

When people hear I am a Virtual Assistant, I’m often met with confused looks and a lot of ‘oh, that sounds cool… So, you can work from anywhere?’ comments. Most people rarely know what a VA ACTUALLY is; what we do, why we are a valuable addition to a thriving business, and how we can help people and businesses reach their goals and live out their definition of success. Today I am breaking it down so you can share this [...]

3 Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Productive Day

Each day is the same. Wake up, work, hang with your family, do a fun activity or embark on your responsibilities as an adult, go to bed, then do it all again. With limited hours in a day, and a seemingly neverending list of tasks to accomplish, knowing HOW to have a productive day is a key aspect to ensuring you’re making the most of your days. Below we are sharing our list of the top 3 things to do [...]

5 Out Of The Box Ways To Find New Clients

It seems like being a VA is the new “hot thing” to do these days. Just yesterday, as I was tapping through Instagram stories, an ad came up saying that you don’t need to be an expert in a bunch of areas to be a VA, you just need a natural inclination to tech and you can start your own freelance biz! There’s something truth to that, you don’t need be an expert in EVERYTHING, but it takes grit, heart, [...]

Inspiring Femmes: Twyla Jones

When I think of photographers, there are a few names that come up of incredible women who are breaking boundaries and doing impressive work that is stand alone and completely draw me in. One of those photographers is Twyla Jones. Her work speaks to a wild, emotional side that reminds me of blustery winter days, yet shot in the most beautiful way that could be like hanging out with your loved ones on a perfect summer night. Her style is [...]

Gift Guide For The Female Creative

It's that time of year where we like to treat our loved ones. Though Christmas is not about the gifts but more about spending quality time with your loved ones it is nice to give to those you care about the most. Sometimes buying for the female creative has its challenges so we are going to share our top 5 gifts for the creative boss babe in your life.   1. Luxury Bath Product Self-care is not always the top [...]

Top 3 Tools All Business Owners Need To Know About

We all want life to be a little easier, right? We hire house cleaners, order take-out and share our calendars with friends and family for easy scheduling of our time. Making life easier often means we can spend more time doing what we love– spending time with those we care about, less time working and more time doing the things we always wished we had time for. In business, it is no different. There are so many tools that can [...]