An essential oil diffuser is basically an office necessity these days. Ask any DIY’er, individual embarking on a more natural living path or…well… just about anyone else you know, and they can probably tell you how much they love essential oil blends for their kids, to help them sleep or just to have around at certain times of the year as a natural alternative to burning synthetic fragrance-filled candles. Having a diffuser in your office is one quick way to help positively affect your mood and energy levels when you need it most.


Studies are showing that essential oil blends affect our brains and can have a positive effect on the mind and nervous system. Why not harness the power of nature to positively influence us to be more productive, to remain calm when stressful situations arise or to stay alert after the kids keep us up all night long.


Take a read for our 5 essential oil blends for your workday. Some of these are blends by specific companies, while others are just our favourite essential oil blends that we love having on together.


1 – Thieves by Young Living

Thieves is an amazing essential oil blend perfect for when you’re starting to feel a little under the weather. The spicy notes of clove also make this an amazing essential oil blend to feel festive in the winter months– conveniently the time of year people start to come down with colds. Keep this blend handy when you’re fighting off a cold and need to stay focused and on task.


2 – Yoga by Saje

Yoga is a blend by Saje that helps evoke feelings of peace, gratitude and bliss. A perfect blend to help you fall back in love with your work if you’re going through a rough patch and finding it difficult to feel motivated in your daily habits.


3 – Balance by DoTerra

Balance by DoTerra is designed to bring harmony to the mind and body, and balance the emotions. This is a great blend for when you feel a little all over the place to bring you back to this space and this moment.


4 – Energizing Blend

Feeling tired? Need to get that energy up! Try this fun blend of oils that will give you a little pep in your step… or typing fingers.

2 drops peppermint

2 drops jasmine

2 drops lemon


5 – Focus Blend

We all have days focus seems to have taken the day off. For those days, these oils can help you regain that focus on the tasks at hand.

2 drops rosemary

2 drops grapefruit


We hope you try out these essential oil blends for your office or home office and be sure to let us know what you think! And let us know which essential oils are your favourites! We would love to hear from you!